Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I had a pastor in the Unity church some years ago who every now and then would get fired up at the crescendo of his Sunday message and he would bolt to the edge of the stage, reach out his hand beseechingly to the congregation and implore, “Stop being stupid!”

That seems to be the theme of the day as we toddle lamb-like out of March and into April.  Here in Indiana we have had front row seats to the bumbling machinations of our statehouse and our governor as they first try to throw it in the face of progressive and free-thinking elitists everywhere who want to give equal rights to EVERYBODY.  Then they stumble over each other trying to explain to the rest of the nation and the world that our new law is not about legalizing discrimination against the LGBT community and others.

The governor, who has aspirations for higher office, assembled some of the most heinous of gay-haters to watch him sign the bill into law, and they just clapped and clapped and clapped.  Now they had a law to protect religion in Indiana.  Thing is, religion doesn’t need any protection in Indiana, of all places.  In Indiana we have a church on every corner and we proudly attend the institution of our choice every Sunday and sometimes even on Wednesday.  Religion is doing just fine; no protection needed.

Now I want to go into a rant about what Jesus would do, but that’s not what this blog is for.  I want to find the meaning and the purpose for what looks like the last gasp of the “religious right” after they have gotten everything they want, and they have gorged themselves on power in this state, and still they are not satiated, and they want to thrust a big middle finger into the faces of the free-thinkers around the rest of the country to say, “See, we can live in the last millennium and the last century if we want; if not the previous century or the century before that.”

This is what we are about on the last day of March, coming into the profound energies of April and its springtime.  Driving toward Bloomington this morning I was greeted by bright yellow daffodils nodding their sun-kissed heads at me like the masses who waived palm fronds at the triumphant Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  The energies of April promise a physical manifestation of the continuing shift from the old paradigm to the new one, and the Blood Moon of the 4th is just one more daffodil along the road, one more palm frond along the path that ushers in the new age.  My mantra for this time is from scripture:  “Old things are passed away, behold all things have become new”.

Those who hold to the constructs of the past, like our governor and our congress, are going down on the Titanic while they busily rearrange the deck chairs.  They need to wake up and begin to make themselves relevant.  The reaction from other states and corporations has forced them to truly have a “come to Jesus” moment.  I can see Jesus holding out his hand to them, imploring:  “Stop being stupid”.

It bears noting that many traditional Christians are noticing the coming of the Blood Moon as coinciding with some end-times scripture, and wondering if this wouldn’t be an ideal time for the second coming of  Christ and/or the rapture.  I can only say yes, it would be a great time.  For myself I see the emergence of the Fifth Age and the new paradigm as being completely in sync with the prophecies of the Christian Bible.  I am mindful of the dear ones who have died this past year; and I imagine they have been called home (raptured?) so they can work for the rest of us from the other side.  With this Blood Moon, I see that everything has been accomplished for our movement into the Reign of Christ Consciousness on Earth. The Bible doesn’t claim that this transition will be entirely peaceful.  We are in the birthing process, and it can get messy.  And it is all complicated by those who doggedly hang onto the old ways. 

The Easter season reminds us that we and the culture and the time . . . cannot be reborn unless something significant dies.  During this time, notice what needs to fall away in your own life, so you can step into the excitement of being a spirit, fully enjoying its brief time in a body, and ushering in the new paradigm.  There are no coincidences; you were born at this critical point in time for a reason.

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