Saturday, November 23, 2013

me upon my pony on my boat

It is useful for me to see this human experience as a journey, and I have certainly been very mobile in this life, taking residence all over the country, from Wisconsin to California to North Carolina to Arizona and now back to Indiana.  Yes, I know I need not take the analogy so literally, but that is how my life-path has unfolded so far. 

I have stated before that I am still “on the road to find out”, leaving Sedona the way I arrived:  driving my Chevy pickup loaded up with tools and pulling the vintage Airstream.  But where I arrived in Sedona to pick up something I lacked, now I arrive to honor the soul agreements I have already made.

Right before I left Northern Arizona I experienced a visitation of lizards.  Understanding life in a shamanic way includes paying close attention to everything that shows up in our awareness, realizing the Universe is constantly in communication with our soul.  So when multiple lizards show up for me at the end of the warm weather, I ask them what it is they have to teach me.

Lizard is here for all of us, to remind us that we are in a profound cycle of transformation.  This is for ourselves, for our relationships, for our collective humanity, and for the planet.  Lizard is proposing big changes for you and me.  Besides moving across the country, I need to look at any of the old ideas, or patterns, or habits, or beliefs that I need to release. 

Whenever the lizard is caught by his tail, he can detach from that part of himself in order to survive.  But he has to leave something significant behind in order to move forward.  Notice just what is called for, that needs to be released before you can be propelled forward.  Something is holding you back and it is likely something you think you want to hang onto . . . like a tail. 

Lizard is also very sensitive to vibration.  He can sense the movement of energy and react before it is apparent.  Lizard reminds us to sharpen our senses and to trust and employ our own impressions and perceptions.      

This morning I was on the road early enough to see the rising sun and it was brilliant red and I spoke that little ditty out loud, “Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning”.  I have long depended on the analogy of “water” to help me make sense of my reality and my progression through this human experience.  We are all sailors, journeyers, sojourners and travelers, whether we are literally moving or not.  We are navigating sometimes treacherous seas and we are continuously being given opportunities to pick up new tools to give our journey ease.

The more we awaken, the more we realize how mutable our perceptible reality has become.  We can see that the tree, the house, the fence is just a swirl of atoms and electrons and it feels like there is nothing solid anymore to hold onto. 

We have elected to accept living on a boat over finding solace in putting down roots into the shifting earth.  This is the new paradigm; this is the new earth, and holding onto the shore will only slow our progress and hinder our journey. 

I see that we are like those explorers in the history books, striking out onto uncharted waters where the map-makers have etched dragons and sea monsters.  This could be fearful to some, but to me it feels like a wonderful adventure.  I can’t wait to see where my boat will carry me next or what will grow to take the place of that piece I left behind.


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Thanks to Lyle Lovett for the nautical title.