Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Song

From the first time I read about Thoreau’s idea of the different drummer, I knew he was talking about me.  Even when it seems I am hanging with my own tribe, I sense I am slightly out of step with my contemporaries. 

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.  Henry David Thoreau

It is certain that every soul resonates with a unique and separate rhythm and it is an important part of our journey to sharpen our hearing to and our sensing of the song that has been written to be the soundtrack of our lives.  In the beginning, we must center ourselves and quiet our minds; we need to be very quiet so we can hear the song. 

In time, we will come to sense the music all the time; we become accustomed to the tone and the beat and we measure the experiences that come to us against that innate vibration.  Here we decide whether or not something resonates (makes sense), which becomes a large part of our ability to discern what serves us and what does not.

In the beginning, the song was soundless and wordless; it had no rhythm nor beat nor cadence nor vibration.  This was before all that; before vibration.  It was the song of pure potentiality where anything is possible; when the Void is pregnant with possibilities.  It is the pause in the song of creation; the perfect stillness before the cymbal crash of the great imagining.

Everything in creation comes forward from this pause, this break, this stillpoint in the song.  Stillness opened her mouth and the form of the song began; vibration from non-vibration; some-thing from no-thing.  So begins the rhythm of the spheres; every aspect of the divine singing praises to the Holy One, the Source of all music and the song of creation.  This is the word spoken of in the holy books:  “that was with God; that was God”.   And we were there, an aspect of the divine co-creating the visible and audible universe.

The well-meaning gifts of our parents, priests, and teachers often happen to obscure our hearing of the song.  Sometimes this obfuscation is intentional, but usually it is not.  Every idea we have been handed and every belief we have accepted are essentially limitations.  Some of these limitations we want to hold onto, and some are just unneeded baggage that slow down our journey back to Oneness.

Yet we have this built-in mechanism for filtering the truth from the false.  Does it resonate?  If you put your hand to your heart-center, close your eyes and ask the one who lives in you, “Does this serve the highest good?”  You will always get an answer.  Be careful to not check the resonance against your belief system and the ideas you have been given.  A belief system is just an idea somebody thought of; it is not sacred.  Let go of “belief” and trust in the “still small voice” that speaks to you if it has not been put on “mute”.  That is your highest source - go straight to the top.  The authority of this voice trumps all the opinion leaders, all the laws, and all the bibles.

* * * *

Now, after the music . . . comes the dance . . . but that’s a whole nuther story.

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