Monday, May 21, 2012


It’s official.  Now is the final phase of the experiment named:  “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  We hold up the case in point of the Christ in the form of Jesus as a living example.  But the Christ does not say, “Hey look at me.”  He says, “Follow me.  What have you been waiting for?  Now is the time for us all to become fully human.” 
To move into this new imagining, this higher vibration, we must release our hold on every last piece of the past that holds us still.  I am hearing from every direction that all the seemingly external phenomena that are bombarding us at this time have come to nudge us, no jolt us out of our comfortable and numbing patterns of self sabotage. 

In truth, every seeming external force is a mirror of the inner world.  The external universe, however vast, is a limited reflection of the unlimited inner Universe.  Our access point to everything divine is within us – so all our flailing around to get out of our bodies and to find direction and salvation outside of our selves has been pointless.  We have been “playing” at being spiritual, caught in a vicious whirlpool of spiritual bypass, when what spirit has desired from the beginning is to become fully embodied.   

This has always been the case – it is an old pattern that needs to be shifted.  If Jesus was against anything, he was against the lawgivers and church leaders; the hypocrisy and corruption he witnessed within his own culture and epitomized by the church, whose leaders controlled every aspect of life at that time.  He roundly criticized them for polishing the outside of the vessel while inside they were full of rot and filth. 

And the disease of spiritual bypass is rampant in the new age community.  In Sedona I am surrounded by seekers who are mesmerized by the flash and the dazzle of spiritual gymnastics instead of embracing the substantial and unglamorous inner-work of truly awakening. 

It has been said before, and I endorse this message, that the most unlikely place to encounter God is in church.  So imagining that we could save ourselves or others by getting ourselves back into church, and the various substitutes for church, has been an exercise in folly and self-deception.  This is compounded by the fundamental shift that has taken place in our own evolution – we must look to the truth that rests within us, that is eminently accessible by going deeper into the core of our being. 

The time of the shaman, and the teacher, and the guru is passed.  We should not expect another to do for us what we must now do for ourselves.  I see so many of my fellow travelers who are stuck in the old paradigm of trying to find the latest teacher and the ultimate savior – I see folks who still go to the medicine man for a cure.   

But now the true shaman doesn’t claim to be one and he/she always directs the seeker back to the source:  the wellspring of truth and healing that waits to be revealed inside the self.  In this new paradigm we have each become our own shaman, our own healer, our own teacher, our own guru. 

Even Jesus reminded his followers that if they experienced healing, it was something in them that caused the transformation.  Yes, he was ahead of his time, and he got himself executed for saying things that now we can say freely.  However long ago that message was delivered, now is the time that was prophesied:  “A new heaven and a new Earth”.
So we acknowledge the phenomenal cosmic coincidences that are occurring within our awareness; that aim to jolt and accelerate our transformation.  I refer to the latest New Moon; the awe-inspiring full solar eclipse I witnessed yesterday out at the Sanctuary at Sedona; the alignment of the moon, the sun, the galactic center with  the planets Jupiter and Mercury as well as the far star system – the Pleiades.  These indicators have come along at this time to point to the same occurrences that are taking place within us.   

One of my teachers has said that many of us are experiencing the physical symptoms of decompression sickness which come when the diver is resurfacing too fast.  Do you get it?  That is what we are doing.  We have gone deep and now we are rising too fast!  We have no choice in the matter but to get used to and flow with these physical and emotional responses. 

I also keep hearing that now is the time to release the deep and enduring patterns we have carried for a long time, maybe for many life-times.  We call these “core issues” and we can no longer afford the luxury of toting around a heavy load of baggage.  I am in this boat with all of you as I let go, and let go, and then let go of letting go. 

It is time to transcend the old patterns that have limited the full expression of who we are in truth.  It is time for each of us to accept our birthright and our inheritance and to become the full expression of a spiritual being in human form.  We are the Word become flesh.