Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prosperity Theology on the New Earth

I have had my fill of a certain movement in the spiritual community (Bloomington and elsewhere) around the idea of manifesting material wealth.  Some of the ideas fostered by the “law of attraction” gurus have become dangerously subverted to nothing better than the old paradigm – health and wealth evangelists who preach that God wants you to be rich and if you are not wealthy (in material terms) you do not understand the “secret”.
If that is your thing, you may be a spiritual novice who gets distracted by the first shiny thing they encounter along this path.  Or you may be a long time seeker experiencing a bout of “spiritual by-pass” where your ego is now having an awakening experience and your soul-self has become hopelessly buried by your unhealed wounding.
Yes the Universe is honorable.  Yes the Universe is pouring out abundance on you if you will only open yourself to receive it.  No, the abundance does not look like the egocentric ideas you hold onto about material wealth. Yes, you get what you deserve.  But your car, your bank account, your job, your house, and your mate will never make you happy.  
The masters were not mistaken when they told us over and over that focusing on the material will keep us out of heaven.  Heaven is code for peace, happiness, and enlightenment. Yeshua reminds us to put our attention onto things that are eternal, and all the little incidentals of this material world be added unto you.  In other words, “Don’t sweat the details; they will worry about themselves.”  Instead, look up . . . up-level your attention and your consciousness and allow the blessings to flow to you.
When we glimpse our own awakening we realize that none of the trappings of our limited 3rd dimensional dogma around abundance has any value.  It is just stuff; it is here today and gone tomorrow, and it will never provide nourishment to your soul. 
The truth is, getting everything you believe you want (or deserve) will likely keep you from awakening.  Your ego does not want you to awaken because it fears its own destruction, so if it can - it will give you everything your wounded inner-child thinks it needs.  This is an example of the most immature aspect of your egoic-self, making your most important adult life-decisions.  
The ego wants you focus your attention on the outer-directed world and that represents one of the most alluring distractions for the spiritual novice.  There you may rest in that place of sleeping and ethereal dreams for decades before the Universe comes around and finally kicks you in the ass.  (I know this from experience.)  Unlike me, the Universe is patient, but I want you to wake up NOW!
The time is short for you to accept your soul-purpose.  It is time for you to graduate.  It is time for you to grow up and have a taste of solid food.  Yes you are a child of God, but you are an ADULT child of God, and it’s time you acted like one. 
If you think you are ready for some big-boy food, try a bite of this:  The secret is, it’s all about self-knowledge.   Your only access to the divine is within you so you cannot “by-pass” your soul by focusing on the manifestation of anything in the outer world.  It is time to go inward and to take an unflinching look at yourself.  For many, there is nothing scarier. 
And I guarantee that after you have peeled away some of those layers of fear that are attached to cars, and houses, and jobs, and bank accounts, and mates . . . You will find some treasure that makes all this earthly wealth look like just so much crap. (To put it delicately.)