Friday, March 7, 2014

Birthday Blog – The Promise of Spring

I began the tradition of writing a Birthday Blog on the occasion of my first birthday after relocating to Sedona to do some intense “inner work”.  It’s become a sort of “state of the union” event, trusting that (although our paths are separate and distinct) what is true for me is also true for much of the collective, you.

During that first year in Sedona, I started hearing about how everything in creation is accelerating and expanding, and we could feel the truth in our bones, sometimes with ecstasy and sometimes with aching pain.  That was five years ago and since then I have lived many life-times.  I have been sharing with friends, that after nine months in Sedona I would walk past a mirror and not know who the other person was, looking back at me. 

We have chosen to embrace rather than to resist the energy of acceleration and expansion, even though much of the planet is in the death-throes of resistance and clinging to the past.  And so our awakening has been rapid.  I have seen novices come into our spiritual circles and shortly morph into masters; it is a wonder to behold.  

It is not a coincidence that on the occasion of my leaving Sedona for the Midwest, Indiana hosts the coldest and snowiest winter on record.  And that has been just for me; I truly don’t know what the rest of you have been experiencing.  The winter has forced me to go in and slow down.  At a time when I have been anxious to do more in this vital spiritual community, I have been called to wait and see.  It is not just the weather; I regularly draw the “slowing down” card from the Osho oracle and it makes me laugh, “If I slow down anymore, I’ll have to stop my heart.”

And yes I know it is still cold and there is still some snow and the ground, and we have not had our last flurry.  But I have heard the thunder and understood the promise that the earth makes every time it falls into dormancy.  We are waking up; we are coming back to ourselves. 

I repeatedly tell folks that the Shamanic Path is mostly about “paying attention”.  So now we notice the shift, like a change in atmospheric pressure that precedes the storm.  Already, it is time to plant seeds and make plans.  That “planning” word is something I normally avoid, but now we approach it with wisdom.  This time, it is more about allowing than about forcing. 

You should notice more and more opportunities for movement and motion as the outer world mirrors the inner one.  Our physical motion creates an attitude of movement (change) in our work, our relationships, and our personal and spiritual expansion.

Now we see the openings and we walk right through without hesitation or self-doubt.  That is the attitude of the spring-time of our lives.  Every time I glance at a digital clock it seems it is either 11:11 in the morning or 11:11 at night.  My friends are also seeing the “ones” lining up on the odometers and elsewhere.  If we are paying attention, a single “one” is a promise of rebirth; but when they line up for you, that energy is multiplied so we are talking about extreme (radical) transformation. 

And my best advice for you is, “Let yourself be startled by the divine.  Let go of limiting ideas and beliefs, and ride that superwave like you know how.  Soon enough, it will become second nature to you.

I have been in consultation with many of you this week and I am excited about some of the opportunities for spiritual growth and awakening that are being birthed for the benefit of our soul family.  Blessings to you all and “Happy Birthday to Me”, I am born again.