Monday, February 6, 2012

Dreaming the World Into Being

Am I dreaming you, or are you dreaming me?  The ancient ones tell us there is little or no difference between our dream life and our waking life; we just think one is more real than the other.  And Edgar Allen Poe, who plumbed the depths of human darkness, asked the question: “Is all that is or seems to be, but a dream within a dream?”

You and I are co-creators of the world and the universe in which we exist.  Whether you see it as an energetic matrix of fields, and lines, and connections or if you see it as a magical golden web of complex interconnectedness; we have contributed to this construction and we continue to program, to deprogram, and to reprogram this energetic structure. 

When I look at the night sky, I do not feel small.  I feel powerful and enormous because I remember, “I was a fine hair on the hand that sat it all in motion.”

We have all programmed and reprogrammed our own brains.  We have changed our minds.  We have adjusted our attitudes so that things or people or circumstances that once bugged us, do so no longer.  We continue to make active choices about the energy we allow into our own energetic circle.  Yes, we likely chose our own biological family for our learning; and we continue to choose our own extended “soul-family”. 

We decide whether we will be infected by toxic messages and ideas.  We decide, moment to moment, whether or not to let the TV drone in the background, or to let ourselves be penetrated by radio waves or pointless conversation or divisive messages that effectively separate us from each other.   Look at all the circles of community you have in your life and ask, “Is this really a club to which I want to belong?”

One of my teachers used to say when you feel good, you are feeling God.  When you do not feel good, you are not feeling God.  Here is a test for God-ness that has served me for a long time.  Anything that, in effect, separates us from any other part of creation is not God.  Anything that facilitates our connection with creation is God.  This is, of course, the principle of Unity.  We are connected to all of humanity and to all of nature.  It feels good when we remember this.

It is time to pay attention.  With all the tremendous waves of change that are washing over every aspect of our lives at this time, our very survival may depend on our ability to pay attention.  Be wary of opinion leaders who preach the gospel of division and separation.  And pay more attention to their works than to their words. 

We need to embrace leadership that boldly moves us forward into a more unified vibration.  Be wary of anyone who aims to “restore” us to an imagined point in the past when all our families where “nuclear”; marriage was between a man and woman; there was a chicken in every pot; Dad had a good job in the factory and Mom stayed home and raised the 2 ½ children.  We cannot afford to go backward at this time.  That is the posture of the turtle retreating into its shell.  That is the posture of the coward and the false prophet. 

We are dreaming the world into being, so dream big, dream bold, and dream consciously.