Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birthday Blog - Let the Sunshine In

In my capacity as a writing coach, the specter of self-doubt often rises to block the writer from stepping up and giving form to their thoughts and dreams.  One of the great incarnations of “self-doubt” is around the thought that what I see and understand is my own particular perspective and so it is probably not relevant to anyone else.  On the sidelines I urge them on, “If the idea resonates with you, it will resonate with others.”

Yes, your perspective is unique and personal; still you need to trust yourself.  You are vitally connected to everyone else on the planet so your words will land in the hearts of many others.  It is not yours to know who or how many; just be assured that if it makes sense to you, it will make sense to others.

This truth has come to me again as I observe that my changeable numerology number coincides with the number for the planet.  This year, I am a six and the planet is having a six year.  So I can safely say that what is true for me is true for the planet and vice-versa.

In view of this, here is what I see:  We have had a multitude of powerful openings since December 21st of 2012, the winter solstice and the close of the Mayan calendar.  We have had the end of the Roman year and the coinciding New Year.  We have had the Chinese New Year and the onset of the Year of the Snake. 

And just when I thought we were finished with all these powerful reminders of our potent cycle of death and rebirth, both individually and collectively, we now face the Spring Equinox which signals a powerful rebirth and the end of the Zodiacal calendar, which is appropriately brought to completion by my sun sign, Pisces.  And finally, we are all participating in the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  It is not a coincidence that the group which sang the hippie-anthem about “The Age of Aquarius” and letting in the sunshine was also named The Fifth Dimension which is a call to higher consciousness.  In the 1970’s they were pointing us to this time and this opening.

We have been facing this time of transition for a long time.  Thirty years ago the medicine man, Dawson No Horse, guided me to open my mind to alternative spirituality and my heart to the connectedness of all creation.  He radically broke tradition when he built all his lodges to face west instead of east.  He also faced west when he lifted his pipe to pray, when it is a long-standing Lakota tradition to instead face the direction of the rising sun and new life.  His guidance told him to orient himself to the west where he knew we were facing the end of days and the end of the age.   When he looked to the west he saw a buffalo standing on one leg; we have literally been on our last leg.  Now even that last leg is gone and something else must come to stand in its place. 

Could it be that we are the ones who decide just what symbol is chosen to stand in the west to guard against the demise of human existence?  Could it be that we are the ones we have been waiting for? 

We are so accustomed to preparing and waiting, that I must caution against staying too long in that energy.  As we have cleared the field for planting, we must move energetically from “dying” to being “reborn”.  Now is the time to plant the seeds that will flourish for us and our descendants. 

Even the guardians of the institutions and the restrictive thought forms that aim to limit us, even they are slowly awakening.  The darkest of these entities are soon to transition back to their maker and the ones they carefully ensconced to succeed them will little by little turn toward the light, even as the sunflower turns to follow the track of the sun’s journey across the sky.

Just as I celebrate my own solar return and a potent sign of my own rebirth, I see again that what is true for me is also true for the planet.  So I celebrate your rebirth as well.  Let the sunshine in!

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