Monday, June 10, 2013

Always Coming Home

Even as I release the words that rise in my awareness; even as I encourage my fellow travelers to use the written word to exercise their innate creative abilities; even now I am conscious of the utter inadequacy of words to capture the movement of spirit in our lives.

I have not blogged for three months even though I have transcribed several blog-worthy tomes.  Like you, I have opened myself to be worked on by the divine.  Because we have set our intention for transformation, spirit has obliged, and when we truly allow, she sends us the data that is needed for our newest calibration.  As you know, much of this work is accomplished while we sleep.

So we have had some restless, nearly sleepless nights.  We are being visited by strange and bizarre dreams that are just evidence of our busy-ness in the dream time.  And sometimes, even after sleeping deeply, we rise exhausted like we have run a marathon or been on a night-long bender.  It is hard for us to put this into words because we lack a story upon which to hang this experience.  But let me try:

One night recently I had a recurring vision of myself working to open an ancient door and heard over and over the thought about bringing in the age of _______________.  I kept getting this word; a foreign sounding word; and I told myself I should sit up and write down this word so I could later look it up.  Then I told myself that after repeating this scene what felt like a hundred times, I could not possibly forget the word.

I was borderline awake all night; from time to time setting up and speaking to the ceiling, “Okay, that’s enough; just let me sleep!”  I did sleep for a short time in the early morning, and when I came fully awake I sat up and asked myself, “Now, what was that word?”  Can you believe that after all that wrestling, the word was now just outside my remembering.  It was hiding itself, but I knew it was not lost.

Feeling depleted I decided to cancel my scheduled time to do readings at the coffee shop in Cottonwood, but I dropped by to tell them I would not be there.  I mentioned to my friend, Glen, that I had had an exhausting night; that I had been given a word that I could not forget, then I forgot it.  I told him it was a new word for me but at the same time familiar, and I thought it might be Latin.  To my surprise, he checked in and said, “No it’s not Latin.”  Then he said it’s “Lemuria”.

It’s Lemuria.  When he said the word, it all came roaring back.  I had seen the word before in New Age circles, but really didn't know what it was or what it meant.  If you also don’t remember, the legend of Lemuria is about a civilization during and predating the age of Atlantis.  It is believed that the beings in Lemuria were extremely high-conscious light beings; perhaps the last vestige of spirit beings before we had completely forgotten who and what we are.

I have decided to not over-think this vision, because it is beyond the understanding of the mind.  Me working on opening the door to the Age of Lemuria is about me continuing to work on up-leveling my own consciousness and understanding that our work is also about up-leveling the consciousness of (opening the door for) our collective humanity.

Lemuria represents a point on the spiral journey from which we are moving, and paradoxically to which we are returning.  For me, it feels like home.  That is really the point of the whole thing; however circuitous the way, we are always coming Home.


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