Thursday, August 16, 2012

All Our Essential Paths are Solitary

All our essential paths are solitary.  We only delude ourselves when we believe we have found a traveling companion.  Even if you have been with your mate for what seems like an eternity, if you have truly made a go of it, then you already know that each of you has a particular and specific life-path that must be explored alone.

 Sometimes our lives seem to run parallel with others or with some significant other, but it is important to note that our spiritual journeys will veer off widely, from time to time, from those we have fixed within our physical surroundings. 

Our relationships are always a reflection of our inner life.  And the definition of an unhappy marriage in the physical realm is one that has not been allowed to evolve or dissolve when your spiritual paths have forked into widely divergent directions. 

With all the puffed-up talk about “family values” and the sanctity of marriage in our culture, we must give equal time and honor to the sanctity of separation and divorce.  Whatever dissolution God has ordained, let no man put asunder.  We sin against nature and the Divine whenever we force something to be that was never meant to be or that has run its course.

Yet, a given relationship may allow for the individual strivings of its partners.  The definition of a happy marriage is one that allows each one to travel their own precarious path, and then at the end of the day to find respite and comfort in each others arms.  Maybe that is our fondest dream as we carve out the New Earth.

Still I notice, that the spiritual travelers in my circle, as they age, gravitate more and more toward living alone or with ones with whom they are not intimately connected.  When we no longer couple out of need, or from a sense of lack, or from our wounding we find our desire for companionship also takes different forms.

Time is moving so fast, that when I think about last year’s challenges, they seem very far away.  In that spirit, it seems it has been some time since I feared to draw the card named Solitude which corresponds with the Hermit card . . . so of course it came to me repeatedly.  I understood the spiritual path was solitary for us all, but I wondered if that path would also mirror my physical journey, my life path.

Today, the Solitude card is simply a mirror, and when he comes to me I invariably laugh, and I say to him, “Hello old friend; don’t you think I’ve learned your lesson by now?”   

When I am not afraid of being alone, I notice all the amazing souls I have drawn into my circle of awareness at this time.  I am grateful to NOT be alone, as I journey on the road to find out.