Tuesday, April 15, 2014


No, it’s not just about death, but death is a really important part of this season, and this opening, and this springtime energy in which we are swimming.  And after a wonderful full-day workshop on shadow and soul-retrieval last weekend, I must admit that we have only scratched the surface.  There is so much more to say and so much more to be revealed. 

This time and space is then given a bigger jolt by today’s Full Moon and its accompanying Total Lunar Eclipse.  The full moon beckons us to step into the fullness of our newest and most powerful imagining of ourselves; to step up; to grow up; to take responsibility; to stop whining and moaning and take charge of our lives.  The eclipse is a mirror of our own complete transformation – something really has to die this time; we’re not messing around.  And something really vital and exciting (and a little scary) is being reborn in your life.

This new thing that is coming to life for you . . . you know what it is.  It is like a mighty sword that is lying there on the ground . . . it has been gifted to you by the almighty . . . and you can pick it up, or you can turn your back and walk away. 

If you are paying attention, you are feeling the energetic swirl of this energy.  Some are in fear of what will show on the wide screen of the collective:  More death?  More destruction?  More subjugation of the weak and the poor? 

One of our participants had a vision this weekend that feels important to share.  She saw all of creation being trampled and eaten up by some ominous shadow army.  It made me think of the Lillian Hellman play called The Little Foxes where we are told there are folks who eat up the earth and there are folks who stand by and watch them.  Sometimes I think it ain’t right to just stand around and watch.

Then my friend saw an enormous army of angels massing to stand against the destructive forces.  And they didn’t fight; they just stood against the others and their presence served to heal what had been damaged.  That is right where we come in.  We can send more angels into the fray.  We can be some of those angels.  I mentioned (in passing) this weekend that we are all just fallen angels anyway, so this work is a part of our redemption. 

We did contribute to the dark thought-forms that threaten the very survival of the human experiment; so now we contribute to the purging and the reconstruction as we take our rightful place as sons and daughters of the divine light, and keepers (stewards) of creation.


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