Friday, December 30, 2011

Pep-Talk to Myself

 I could not conjure up the will this year to write a Holiday blog about the appearance of the light of Christ consciousness in the midst of the “bleak midwinter”.  Not this year, sitting outside of Starbucks in the bright 70º sunshine of Camp Verde, Arizona.  Instead, let me address the importance of steeling ourselves for the coming seismic shifts of the coming year.

Let me be clear.  This is a pep-talk to myself because I am not clear; I am not fully awake at every moment of every day.  But at the onset of a New Year YOU NEED A PEP-TALK and SO DO I!

We have officially run out of time.  In fact, time does not exist for us anymore.  We have entered a new vibration where we stand outside of time.  This is the new earth, and we have to stop talking about its emergence, and start creating our new life here.

I have also run out of patience with folks who want to talk about sports or politics or popular culture.  I’m not interested in hearing about how your neighbor or your family has slighted you or let you down.  I’m not interested in hearing about the ways you limit yourself with your thoughts.  Tell me instead about the ways you have used your mindfulness to liberate you from old patterns and tired traditions.

Tell me how you have stepped out of the boxes that contain you.  Tell me how you plotted after you saw your comfortable surroundings where nothing but a gilded cage – a beautiful prison with over-stuffed couches and wide-screen TV’s.  Tell me how you jumped from your box, or if you slithered out or skipped or crawled.  

Do tell me that you set the box on fire; soaked it with kerosene and set the match with ritual and ceremony.

Why do we hold onto things that no longer serve us?  Why do we stay in jobs that demean us?  Why do we maintain marriages and relationships that diminish our life-force?  Why do we keep trying to fix the broken systems with broken tools? 

Do you really think we should prop up our economic and societal structures at any cost?  Is there an institution that is “too big to fail”, or should we have a little death to make room for a rebirth?  Are you satisfied with choosing between “evils” when you go to the polls?  What would happen if you demanded more and stopped settling for less?

In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Dragon and we need to embrace this archetype with fervor and adoration!  The Dragon represents the power to Create as well as to Destroy.  These are twin attributes like death and rebirth.  

We are stepping into our highest imagining.  We welcome all the forces of change and we hold tight to and bring new meaning to the idea of riding the dragon.  The dragon represents destruction of the old paradigm and the bold and formidable construction of the New Earth.

We have to deconstruct everything that has worked through its last bit of usefulness – and we will construct new structures, and new relationships, and new thoughts, and patterns, and institutions that honor us and serve us.  

We now surround ourselves with constructs that stem from the recognition of our profound connection with the physical universe as well as our connection with the divine.  We ride the Dragon and we are the Dragon.

To help us ramp up our vibration for creation, the Earth School for Souls is invoking the Year of the Dragon in our first Shamanic Breathwork™ gathering of the New Year.  Join us at our new location in West Sedona.
The Year of the Dragon
A Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey
Saturday, January 7th  12:45 – 4:30PM

Light Body Pilates & Dance Studio
2050 Yavapai Dr, Sedona, AZ  86336
reduced to $35 a person

Limited Space – Please Pre-Register at or


  1. Thanks for the great pep talk. 2012 is gonna be the best year yet!!!!

  2. Excellent, Jon. Time to stop playing nice around the primary "keep me in the box" paradigm: denial. Those of us who are not paying attention are in the way of the shift.

  3. Amen brother John! Let's bust loose these self imposed gilded cages w ease grace love n kindness to b the wayshowers that we are! Miss you! Love, Theresa Saxon