Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No Boyz Allowed!

It’s a pet peeve, and it likely springs from my early childhood wounding of being excluded from the play-group comprised of the three sisters with whom I was raised.  It’s not as annoying to me as it used to be, but I still notice “you women” who gather surreptitiously and fail to send me an invitation.  I also sincerely understand why you do it and I support you with only limited reservations.

And I can’t complain too much, because I have noticed for decades that it is women who unfailingly take the lead in showing up for gatherings that foster spiritual development and awakening.  And as the often solitary male voice in the room I have called on women to bring their men along.

Today I notice that the old habit of forming all-male or all-female groups is a symptom, an effect, of a larger problem.  The problem is a lack of balance in our culture and in our world that threatens to destroy us all.  You could look at any of the large problems in the world today and find where the absence of the healing and comforting energy of the “feminine” is the root cause of the conflict.  The clearest example is the movement of the ISIS jihadists in Syria and Iraq who subjugate, control, and abuse women in the most egregious ways.

These guys represent the most extreme “kick-back” to the emerging “new paradigm”.  They imagine they face their own destruction if they don’t act on their extreme and mutually destructive world-view.  In truth they do face their own destruction.  They are one piece of the construct which must fall away in order for the new world to be born.  But it is only their thoughts that have to die.  They are faced with the directive, “Shift or Die!”  But they imagine the mere ideas they hold about God and mankind are so sacred, they would rather die.

This may represent the most extreme manifestation of the “war on women” we have heard about.  But they rest on one end of a continuum of human beings (men and women) who are desperate to control or kill the influence of feminine energy in our social structures and institutions.  The efforts of knuckle-dragging throw-backs in Congress to control and limit the reproductive freedom of women is just a watered down version of the same compulsion to keep women in their place and to exert male dominance.

What else do we have?  The insane stand-off in Ukraine and the unconscionable slaughter in Gaza.  All these example are of MEN clinging to their lowest evolutionary vibration without the calming influence of the feminine to soften their ham-handed behavior.

Yes, I understand why sometimes you just want to gather with your own gender.  But what is needed today is not a surrender to the feminine but a blending.  What will work is women and men standing together and bringing sanity and wisdom and a new kind of strength that will shift us all into a new vibration.  There is an element (just sayin….) of the old paradigm, in women huddling together and keeping men out of their circles.  At one time that was absolutely necessary, but now in this culture, at this time I challenge women to be more inclusive and to “check in” to see if this or that gathering really needs to be a women-only gathering . . . or a human’s gathering.

Remember that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world.  Every little thing we do either contributes to the awakening of the collective . . . or it doesn’t.


Here are some links to some current articles on the topic.  The extreme need to heal this ancient wounding is at a tipping point and we need to be mindful in all our pursuits.

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  1. I agree John. I've had a problem with 'women's groups' and 'goddess groups', and have questioned myself about why. I truly feel we can only heal together. And that separate groups contribute to separation, covertly even if no male bashing takes place. I realize that sometimes they can be a stepping stone to integration, but it is time to listen to each other, not just our own gender. The world --and the women--need and want to see what real grown up, integrated, healed men look like.