Thursday, December 10, 2015


This Christmas, perhaps your choices have never been more stark.  If you are one of us who endeavor to live in the vibration of peace, and love, and goodwill to all; if you are one of us, you will be finding it increasingly more difficult to remain neutral when it comes to your involvement in the polar opposite and prominent vibration of fear, and anger; of retribution and aggression.

The Universe has given you a stark choice, and on one hand it makes your choices easier; and your actions will betray your hidden decisions.  It’s as easy as, “I want to belong to this club, and I don’t want to belong to that club.” 

In truth, very little has changed on the wide screen of your apparent reality.  But the puppet-masters of your imagined 3-D reality have enlarged and exaggerated certain aspects of the program and diminished and blurred out other parts.  So you could honestly be at a loss about what is real and what is not.

Be aware:  it is better to rest in confusion and not knowing, than to seek and grasp at your first knee-jerk responses to external and manipulative stimuli.  Be aware:  that multiple special interests are purposefully trying to control your emotions and behavior at this time.  You will see these attempts quite easily when you look out on the “real” world without judgment or fear or assumptions. 

These are those “spiritual” eyes and ears foretold of in the holy books that empower your innate gift of discernment which will bend you toward the energy of love, instead of fear.  You contain this gift and many others but you will never realize them if they are struggling to take root in a planting bed that is contaminated with fear and suspicion.

This Christmas, you could give yourself a great gift when you nurture yourself with the energy of love.  That is the essence of the Christmas story.  We are witness again to the coming of the light of love – the Christ Light – in the midst of the bleak midwinter.  

The outer world has brought us a holiday shroud of doubt and distrust to obscure the promise of the emerging light.  But you will nurture the failing candle light; you will fan the coals with your audacious passion for truth and generosity. 

And you will find your way around the prevailing ignorance and meanness of the day to turn back the army of hollowed-out haunted souls that have lost their way.  This is the gift of the magi and you are that:  one of the kings, the mystics, the magicians who have brought sacred gifts – not just for the Christ-child, but for the emerging Christ-self in you and me.  These are the gifts of spirit that put to shame all the sparkling and shiny crap under the tree.

We do not separate ourselves from the physical dimension, or set ourselves above or apart.  More than ever, we must be fully present at this critical “tipping” point in time to take our place at the doorway for the turning of the age.  We will decide what grows from all this restless composting and we will bring it forward with some gentle persuasion . . . and sometimes with a shove and a shout!  Or maybe a howl!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This year, the Earth School for Souls is teaming up with Moon Valley Farm to host a very special observance of the Winter’s Solstice, complete with a bonfire to drive away the darkness.  We will gather at the farm: 
9345 N. Moon Road, Gosport, IN  47433
5:30pm, Sunday, December 20th, 2015  for more information. 

There is no cost for this event.