Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Fool and I will be Just Fine

So much of the journey to awakening is about paying attention.  So much about healing our past woundings is about simply noticing when we are “triggered” and not obsessing or wallowing.

We are sharpening our senses – we are paying more attention to the little things that show up on the wide-screen of our awareness and we are noticing everything.

For several days I have had a flock of western blue jays fluttering around my back door, moving around a clump of scrub oaks, dancing and sometimes confronting each other.  They are beautiful beings with their vibrant blue feathers, their smooth rounded head and graceful long tail feathers.

And I ask myself, what in the heck are they doing?  I do not jump to conclusions, and even though I am challenged at math, I start to put two and two together.  Remember I said they were fluttering in and around a scrub oak tree, not like the mighty oaks of my childhood, so I didn’t notice that even these miniature versions have acorns.

Now I notice that much of the activity is about slipping a mouth-sized white seed out of its husk.  What is the learning here?  We all know the lesson about the tiny acorn and the towering oak tree.  But now I am reminded of Yeshua talking about the mustard seed – a tiny yellow ball in the hollow of my hand.  Yet if my faith is even that large, I might manifest something great - I could move mountains.

The mountains before me today are these:  I want to re-program the unconscious patterns in my brain that keep me short of my highest imagining.  I want the four-year-old that lives in me and makes many of my most important plans and decisions – I want him to grow up.  I want the courage to step out of the boxes of familiarity I have constructed for myself.  I want to stay focused on what is important and what is truly needed and not sweat the small stuff.  Did someone say, “It’s all small stuff”?  

We have just finished our fifth and final week of training with Brad and Star Wolf at the Sanctuary of Sedona.  This year I have received my Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Certification and have been ordained as a Shamanic Minister.  The Earth School for Souls has been launched and we are about to receive our classification as a congregation of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation.  Meredith and I have decided to move out of the house up by the chapel, and to move independently for a time, testing the waters and stretching our legs.

The air is still this morning and I am in the middle of my waking meditation when suddenly it moves, tossing the vertical-blinds in spirals into the room. Something has come to put an exclamation point on my lesson. Even the air conspires to serve me up some learning for my breakfast. So I am paying attention. I notice what it is that sends a shudder down my spine; what causes the nerve endings in my legs to tingle or makes the hairs of my arm stand on end.

The silver Airstream sits in the driveway, and I don’t know where it will take me next.  My work stretches out before me, and I step first and then look around to see where I have landed.  It would be scary for anyone but a fool.  But if I have the faith of a mustard seed, the fool and I will be just fine.

* * * * * * 
The next offering by the Earth School is a Single Session Intensive Workshop, on Saturday, October 1st, from 1:00 – 4:30pm.  At the Unity Church of Sedona.  It is called, “Finding Comfort in Being Adrift”, a theme that is current for all of us.  We will have a short teaching, a full hour journey session, an artwork process piece, and time to process your experience, before we release you back into the real world which will be forced to scramble to catch up with your newfound awareness.

If you would like the Silver Bullet to stop in your town, the Earth School for Souls loves to travel.  All we need is a space to lie down and journey and a few seekers who are committed to their own awakening.  Call me – we’ll do lunch!  707-799-7662