Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The morning after Christmas I sat in the Newark, New Jersey airport; weather threatening; my flight to Asheville delayed one hour. I have been on a wild ride the last two weeks that began with an earth-shaking training event in Sedona with the Venus Rising Institute.

In my breath-work journeys this time I saw dogs. I’ve not had dogs before. I had a memory of my mixed-breed cow-dog, Roxanne, who died recently. And I saw myself as “The Fool” from the traditional Tarot ambling down a clear trail with a fluffy white dog at my heels.

When I described my journey, I said I did not know if I was, if I am the Fool or the dog. At one point the little fluffy white dog morphed into a dominant German Shepherd who shifted from following to leading the traveler. At that point, I was confident that I was that solid and dependable force that would lead others to giving form to their own dreams; that would lead others away from scrambling purposelessly on the wheel.

At another time there were three coyotes (wild dogs) outside the building where we were sitting with our teachers. And on my trip from Phoenix I was seeing dogs everywhere. Maybe it is common for folks to travel with their pets over the Holidays, but I’ve never noticed so much canine activity before.

I am happy to have the spirit of the dog before me at this time. The dog is faithful and loyal, and I have been called on to be a protector these past few weeks.

But it is critical for me to remember that I may be true to others while I am faithful to my own truth. The dog demonstrates unconditional love but I also see the critical importance of setting boundaries and not giving up my integrity. In this way I may grow into the teacher that so many others see me to be.

I am breaking free of the conventional ways of seeing, doing and being. It is time to think outside of our boxes. Dan Bern sings that some vegetables are bred to be able to fit more easily into boxes – and some people come out square so they can fit in boxes.

Whatever vestiges of the old ways, the former ways that are pulling on you still, you can wriggle from those clinging vines and propel yourself into an existence that only you could imagine. Imagine, then re-imagine. 

I see a creeping tiredness in my friends, family and associates. We are tired of doing the same things and getting similar unsatisfying results. We are tired of being tied to expectations and mores that keep us short of our hopes and our dreams. We want to finally experience our highest imagining. Imagine, then re-imagine.

I see a deep dissatisfaction with work that is unfulfilling and which keeps us small. I will not be small anymore. We will not any of us be small anymore. We are born for greatness, and we will not settle for smallness.

As we move into this new time, the Via Creativa, I urge you to pay attention to the world around you. You can expect new insight at this time, but do not follow me. Follow your own guidance away from the guilt and shame and tiredness that holds you to the old forms.

The leader you have been waiting for is rising in your own awareness; follow him; follow her. Imagine, then re-imagine.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It’s Christmas in the Tower!

I am so full of joy to be releasing my novel, The Tower Card, just in time for Christmas. I am grateful to the board at Unity of Sedona for giving me the time and space to sign and make the books available for sale.

Christmas in the Tower
Book Signing and Mini-Workshop
Sunday, Dec. 19, 1:00 – 2:00PM
Unity of Sedona
65 Deer Trail Drive
Sedona, Arizona

As I was talking to Brenda about scheduling the event, It occurred to me that it might be a stretch for most folks to make a connection between the Tower Card, which carries dark symbols of death and destruction, and Christmas, which is all about light and good will toward all.

But it came to me quite clearly that the Christmas story is more about the darkness than the light. Indeed the Holy day is set in the depth of the “bleak mid-winter” to make the coming of the Christ more profound and dramatic.

There is a cloud of dreariness over Mary and Joseph as they "slouch towards Bethlehem" to be counted, so they may then pay oppressive taxes to a government that holds their country captive. This is on top of the discovery that Joseph’s intended is suddenly pregnant and by a most unlikely rival. She is knocked-up by God.

Can you imagine how that conversation went down? I hear Joseph asking, “You’re what? And by whom?” The story tells us that Mary is immediately dumped, and it is only through divine intervention that Joseph is compelled to remain by her side.

Then, in Bethlehem they don’t have a reservation at the Hyatt. They are reduced to camping out in the stables and the birth is witnessed by sheep and cows and no-doubt smelly shepherds, fresh from the hillsides.

It is in the midst of this darkness that the light of Christ is revealed. And the darkness is essential to the story because of the contrast it provides. In fact the light of the Christ cannot be seen without the contrasting darkness. And the darkness must be honored and appreciated for what and how it serves.

So Christmas in the tower is about appreciating the times that try us and challenge us and empty us out. Without the yin-time we would not be able to be subsequently filled up. So we give thanks for the bleak mid-winter and the times that carve us deep with sorrow, because they create a reservoir that may then be filled with abundance and joy.

PS - The novel will be available for purchase on and around the 19th of December for $12.95 plus $3.00 for postage.  Just click on the book.