Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To All My Relations

I’m sitting in the Indianapolis International Airport early this morning waiting for the first leg of my flight to Thunder Bay, ON via Toronto.  My trip to Indiana has been remarkable and has flown by.  One of my soul family stepped up to host me giving a talk at the public library and a Shamanic Breathwork gathering, that were both, well attended.

Of course I already knew that my tribe is vast and extended well beyond the boundaries of Northern Arizona, but when I meet them face to face, I am in awe and filled with joy.  My biological family has been great, with no drama to speak of, and I have come to treasure them all very much.  I have spent concentrated time with my nephew and his family which has been rich and I have been very fortunate to be here at the time of my latest nephew’s birth.  On the day he was born he was offered to me to hold, and my eyes held the question, “Really, me?  Don’t you have anyone more qualified to do that?”

Little Jasper carries a name of power from one of the Magi who attended the birth of the Christ.  They were not actually “three kings”, but astrologers and magicians.  I had an overwhelming sense of wonder when I held his little body; I knew he was a new soul on earth and we were witness to the arrival of a soul.  It is known that newborns normally cry when they take their first breath, and I had the realization that their little human form is hit by the force of spirit when they take their first “in-breath”.  Wouldn't that make your cry?

The word “breath” is often synonymous with the word “spirit”.  Even if a soul has taken notice of the form it is about to inhabit while it is in-utero, it is that first breath that really brings it full force into human form.  That is likely the moment when spirit takes on that great forgetting, and begins the journey of this lifetime to ”remember” itself and make its way back to Oneness.  My experience with little Jasper caused me to alter the way I introduce breathwork to people, and the shift was noticed.

I am also noticing the movement in energies invited by the Autumnal Equinox.  Now the nights will gradually get longer as we approach the Winter Solstice.  I must admit, like the grasshopper of myth, I am not quite ready, and I face the coming storms without adequate provisions.

I am feeling a deep shift; I am called away from Sedona for a time.  It is like leaving the womb or emerging from the chrysalis.  What is coming is sure to be full and right, but after more than four years, I seem to be dragging my feet.  When I first asked spirit where it was I was to move, she told me it’s not a geographical location.  That is always true.  We never really need to go anywhere else to find our joy.  But sometimes the place will not sustain us in the ways that are required and deserved.  So after some monumental inner moves . . . an outer move is called for.

I ask the Universe to give me shelter before the first snow fall.  I anticipate a series of Breathwork and Writing Workshops before I head eastward.  I hope to connect fittingly with my amazing Sedona and Cottonwood and Phoenix families before I leave.  Namaste.

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