Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Even if we are advanced souls, sometimes we need to come back to basics.  One of my favorite stories is about retired Coach John Wooden who would start his “blue chip” basketball recruits every year with learning how to put on their socks and properly lace their shoes.  This would be the top rated players in the country coming to play for UCLA back when they had few peers. 

And the players felt abused and insulted, unless they could get beyond their ego to remember that there is an “all-at-once” aspect to mastery of anything that includes recalling everything you have come to know so far.

No matter how high we imagine our vibration to be, we still need that sense of “all-at-once-ness” where we remember all the little steps that brought us to this nexus.  And from this vista, if we see clearly, we realize there is another higher mountain top on the other side of the coming valley.  And that ascent will require some of those tools and some of that learning we have come to take for granted.

So we remember to breathe.  We remember to be still.  We remember to quiet the mind.  We remember to be aware of our own proficiency in deluding ourselves.  The Christian Bible talks about Jesus going into the wilderness after his baptism (rebirth) where he had to contend with his “adversary”.  It is important to note that there is no external devil that is more proficient at pulling you off course than your own ego.  If you think you are immune to the influence of the ego . . . well that is probably the ego talking.

Our journey would be much lighter if all we had to dispel was an external devil.  It is the inner one, the “adversary” who presents our larger challenge because we cannot separate ourselves from that, with the power of our mind, because it is our mind.  We have to make peace with that aspect of ourselves; we cannot defeat it by fighting against it.  That is what Jesus learned in the wilderness, and that is what made him ready to teach and present himself as an example of mastery.  The Bible story is a template for our own journey back to Oneness.

We need to remember that our Awakening does not make us “special”.  It does not separate us from the masses of souls who are NOT on an awakening path.  This type of awareness might feel counterintuitive because of the ways in which we have become entrained.  In the past, when we were initiated into the mysteries, some of us believed we were separate and apart because of our unique training and experience.  But the true master learns that with advanced gifts come advanced duties, and our connection with all of creation (from the rock to the tree to the bum on the street) is enhanced and we are born to service; not to basking in the glow of enlightenment.

At this time we need to exercise our discernment as we wade through the market place full of false teachers and pretenders.  Even more, you need to guard against the false teacher in yourself.  When in doubt, return again to the fountain of peace and knowing that is ever available to you when you touch your heart-center and remember your connection to divinity.  And don't forget to tie your shoes.


John Berry Deakyne and the Earth School for Souls have brought their practice from Sedona, Arizona to the heartland of the Midwest at this important opening in time.  It is an experiment.  At this time we do not know if we will take root and grow here.  But we are all here on purpose, so we encourage you to make contact while the time is ripe!

Our next round of Shamanic Breathwork is a full-day retreat on Saturday, May 17, 2014, at the Wild Grace Homestead in Brown County, IN.  This day is discounted to just $50 a person and overnight lodging is available.  More information and registration at:  http://earthschoolforsouls.com/events/shift/

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